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Electric Rotary Rack Ovens

At Orange Multiventures, we are a team of professional engineers with over 10 years of experience in designing & setting up in-house bakeries, Industrial kitchens and live kitchen. We are the leading Electric Rotary Rack Ovens manufacturer in Mumbai, India. We are also consultants in this field to various Bakeries and Hotels. We manufacture bread slicing machine, high speed bread slicer, sugar grinders, bun divider rounders, pizza conveyor oven, spiral mixers, electric rotary rack ovens and planetary mixers in Mumbai.


Our electric rack ovens are high in demand at industrial kitchens and commercial bakeries. We manufacture our rack ovens using high-quality material. We assure our clients total satisfaction in terms of quality, on-time delivery and after sale service. Our products are appreciated by industries well-known professionals. We offer a wide range of single door and double door rotary rack ovens to our clients. We are the premium Electric Rotary Rack Ovens manufacturer in Mumbai,India.


We manufacture our electric rotary rack ovens in compliance with international quality standards. Our ovens come in different shapes and sizes to cater to our clients needs. There is adjustable temperature option available on the ovens to change and set the temperature. These ovens are widely used for baking biscuits, cakes and cookies in bakeries. The products are low maintenance and highly efficient. We have built a strong client base through our after sale services. We are the best Electric Rotary Rack Ovens manufacturer in Mumbai,India.




Protection with alarm & anti-explosive system.

Uniform baking.

Large baking capacity.

Can bake cakes, cookies, biscuits etc.

Easy operation & time saving.

One man operation, easy and quick to use.

Salient Features:

Easy operation & labour saving . One man operation , in & out with an entire rack, easy and quick .

Wide baking range . Applicable for bread , toast , biscuit, cake, etc.

Large baking capacity.

Good baking effect. Uniform baking colors.

Safe. Circuits Built - in , IC micro - computers control.Good security & protection with alarm & anti - explosive system.

Technical Specification:

Description Capacity Trays Size(mm) Power(kw) Overall External
Dimension (mm)
Electric 13 Tray 450 x 450 14 1400 x 1050 x 1650 750
Gas 1.5 1400 x 1050 x 1650 750
Electric 20 Tray 450 x 750 32 2150 x 1280 x 2350 1380
Gas 3 2150 x 1280 x 2350 1380
Electric 40 Tray 450 x 750 42 2700 x 1700 x 2350 1880
Gas 3.6 2700 x 1700 x 2350 1880
Electric 80 Tray 450 x 750 85 2750 x 2650 x 2820 2880
Gas 5.5 2850 x 2740 x 2820 2880

Imported Gas / Electric Deck Oven

Salient Features:

The artistic baking oven is available in either gas or electric type, and is provided with a push-up or pull-down handle to suit your habit. The baking oven may have multiple layers, with each layer controlled independently to match your actual production.If features micro-computer controlles uniform ignition, excellent heat preservation, flame monitaring and flameout alarm function to guaratee safety.

Technical Specification:

Version Gas Deck Oven Electric Deck Oven
Tray Size 400 x 600 in mm 400 x 600 in mm
Tray Capacity Per Deck 4 Tray 4 Tray
Power 0.3Kw 25.2Kw
Voltage 220V/50Hz 380V/50Hz
Dimension 1956 x 1020 x 510 in mm 1956 x 1020 x 470 in mm